Oikos Family Centres wins New Business of the Year

AN organisation, which helps families improve parenting skills, beat off some fierce competition to capture the Exa Networks-sponsored New Business of the Year award.

Oikos Family Centres is commissioned by local authorities and work to keep families together.It’s residential centres provide a safe and supportive assessment environment for families who have areas of concern and want to explore solutions regarding their ability to parent their child effectively. Their Bradford centre is one of only 59 similar centres in the country and it also has links to the University of Bradford and University of Salford.

This award was open to companies that have demonstrated imagination, sound planning and exceptional marketing delivery. It recognises the brightest new businesses and the contribution they will make to the region in the future. Directors Peter Davis, Rehana Akbar and Simmy Sekhon were all ecstatic upon hearing the news and told the Telegraph & Argus this is only the start for the business.

Ms Akbar said: “We are absolutely elated. We have only been up and running for a year.”

“It has been very difficult through the Covid times but with the support that we have had and with all three board of directors working hard professionally, we have been able to achieve a lot. We are a very unique service in Bradford. This is the reason why this was set up.Mostly families are usually sent wider afield away from their hometown. It shouldn’t have to be like that.”

Mr Sekhon added: “The staff have been amazing and it has also been down to fantastic leadership through Rehana and our operational director Peter Davies.”

“We have all worked really hard. The main thing is we love to keep families together. Nationally, local authorities have asked for us to replicate the service across the nation. We have to go at a steady pace, but, one day, we would like to become a national brand.”

The family-owned DD Salon Supplies in Low Moor, University of Bradford graduate Omar Bahadur’s Faraday Drinks, and embroidery shop Itaca Branding were the runners up for this award.

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