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Sekhon Group is a collection of companies under ownership and control of Iqbal Sekhon (Simmy Sekhon) and has become a recognised and trusted name in property development over the last decade within the Bradford, Wakefield and Huddersfield areas. Sekhon Group intends to cover the whole of West Yorkshire with new and profitable property development opportunities as they arise. We have already raised the standard of housing stock, including but not limited, to student housing in Huddersfield, private rental stock in Wakefield & Bradford which has contributed to the regeneration of these important conurbations. This has proved valuable to these towns & cities and has stimulated further development.

The Group has owned, developed and converted; houses, shops, mills, hotels, a shopping centre, agriculture holdings, business centres and now a family residential centre.

The Group has recently vertically integrated into supply chains importing and distributing constructions products in tiles, building materials and household interior furnishings.

Our objective is to enhance the portfolio by raising substantial capital from Equity funds. We acknowledge that profit sharing is a pathway to greater success. We have in excess of 30 special purpose vehicles (SPV’s) which allow for greater risk management.

Nirmal Singh MBE greeting Michael Gove (Secretary of Housing) at the grand opening of Merchant House



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