Bradford City of Film goes behind scenes of Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

From organising catering to providing accommodation for the crew, City of Film was there to make sure Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop ran smoothly during shooting in the pandemic. Presented by Jay Blades from TV hit The Repair Shop, the new series, which started on BBC1 this week, was filmed at a warehouse in Bradford, where Peaky Blinders was also shot.

In Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, people nominate their heroes to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture in recognition of work they do for their community. Jay hands the task of making the items to his experts in the workshop, including a bespoke furniture maker from Bradford. Working alongside the experts are woodworkers from the district.


Mr Wilson said: “Last November the Bradford Film Office had an email from Screen Yorkshire saying Ricochet TV were looking for a warehouse location with lots of space and light. Ricochet is the production company behind the hugely successful Repair Shop so we wanted to get some great Bradford options to them as soon as possible. A few came to mind; one was a warehouse in Cater Street, Little Germany, used as a location for Peaky Blinders and other TV dramas.

“We sent a brochure of images to the production company and several emails later they said they’d like to come to Bradford in early January to see the space and other options they were considering. Dates were arranged then cancelled due to snow.

“The producers asked the Film Office to capture moving shots of Little Germany, the doors into the warehouse and interior footage. With support from the landlord, the Sekhon Group, we were able to do this, following Covid safety guidance. We sent the two-minute film to Ricochet and they were keen to secure the location. In February we arranged for a viewing for two executive producers and the location was selected. After this the work really started.


“Throughout March and April there were preparations with the production manager, then the crew arrived in Bradford. Support continued throughout, including weekly Covid updates situation to ensure they were aware of local cases and restrictions.

“We provided assistance with a great deal of services, including the Midland Hotel in Bradford, Vivo apartments in Shipley and newly refurbished apartments in Little Germany, all used by the production team. We advised on local taxi firms, and used Leap Taxis, for crew and participants. There was an issue around catering due to lockdown and staff on furlough so we approached a company who do catering for the University of Bradford, Baxtor Storey, which made daily packed lunches for crew. A graduate from the university, Conor Macmahon, provided drone footage for the show and was credited at the end of this week’s episode.

“Other local services used were trade waste, parking permits and recommendations for views of the city which are key elements of the final programme. This production is great example of how local knowledge is key to enabling productions of some brilliant TV.”

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